Origine Origine

I enter a story that begins long before me

The show provides a time to reflect on our relationship to nature, animals, and technology. It also compels us to ask ourselves what we want to pass on to future generations

The Grotto

Symbol of the original matrix. A dome where light draws the stars. A rock from which pure water gushes, stimulating life


Where we’ve built our shared home from a big walnut tree. A dwelling open to heaven and earth, a place where our respect for nature begins.


The world is changing fast and we push our own limits. We can calculate and count everything, but what's the true cost of this knowledge?

The Garden

What if all that was left of this world was a garden? Just as the tree’s crown is a mirror reflection of its roots, our actions reflect who we are.

ORIGINE is new show to see during the holydays

2019 Schedule & Pricing

Presented every daysOne hourly representation from 9am at 5pm


15 years and over

(taxes not included)


14 and under

Tickets are available for purchase on the site only.

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